Tuscany is situated in Central Italy and it has a remarkable landscape combined with stand-out cities and artistic heritage. This region takes pride in the fact that it has various facets that begin from the coast which substitutes the sandy and long beaches, such as the Versilia beach that has steep headlands and rocky cliffs. The Tuscan Archipelago has many islands that remain surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation which has rich seabeds, crystal-clear sea, and peerless. People making tours of Tuscany can’t stop admiring the sceneries and it is home to numerous species of traveling birds that include pink egrets.

The finest family-friendly beaches of Tuscany

The list containing names of the finest family-friendly beaches does vary based on the ages of the kids. When it is an infant or a toddler, then people look for sandy beach plus beaches that aren’t very much open to winds as it will make only some waves. But, when there is an older kid, then he will love to climb over rocks besides exploring the pools for treasures. There are many sandy beaches on the coast of Tuscany and so, you will not face any problem in discovering one where you can head to with your smaller kids.

Maremma beach located in Tuscany’s southern end and Versilia are sandy. Again, the areas that are recognized as Val di Cornia and Etruscan Coast to possess several sandy beaches. Amongst them, some are ideal for smaller kids. The best beaches for kids are Sterpaia and Baratti as they remain more sheltered from winds and so, there, the water remains calmer. You will also come across some excellent sandy beaches that are closer to the Orbetello lagoon that people love the most.

The international airports of Tuscany

Tuscany has a couple of international airports; the Amerigo Vespucci Airport, which is also recognized as Peretola and Galileo Galilei International Airport which is located in Pisa. Both airports do handle flights to major cities in Europe. You can catch a flight at Pisa as it handles many European scheduled flights.

But, when you have been flying from abroad, then you will find several airlines that link to a remarkable European hub city. From there, you can fly to Florence or Pisa. This is highly recommended to use Florence as it will turn out to be more convenient towards the finishing of your long flight as you will not be needed to take any bus or train.