The city of Hurghada is called the capital of beauty, due to the clarity of its waters, the mild climate, pure air and the presence of all sports and marine games that attract large numbers of tourists, which led Hurghada’s hotels and trips in high demand and which makes their costs rise up from time to another, so we recommend to visit HotelsGuest to discover the best rates for most good resorts and hotels in Hurghada, and today we are going to talk about some amazing tourist Islands in this city.

1- Giftun Island

Giftun Island is considered one of the most important tourism islands in Hurghada, and one of the most important natural habitats for seagulls, as it has more than half of the species of seagulls in the world, and also contains many types of birds and wonderful reptiles. There are a lot of diving places, as it is characterized by the wonderful coral reefs that you do not need to dive in order to see them, and it is also characterized by its fine sand that many tourists adore, so it is one of the most famous tourist trips Hurghada That the masses flock to.

2- Magawish Island

It is one of the largest tourist islands in Hurghada, and it was called Paradise of the Red Sea because its water contains colorful and attractive fish of all sizes and shapes, and it enjoys calm and simple waves, as well as some wonderful activities such as surfing and others.

3- Abu Minqar Island

It is named Abu Minqar Island because its eastern part looks like a tongue from the sands in a zigzag shape that closely resembles the beak of the birds. And characterized by this island that it includes large numbers of mangrove trees scattered on its sandy beaches, as well as large numbers of dolphins, and includes many types of migratory birds such as the Osprey and heron.