Bintan, the biggest island of Riau, is an ideal paradise for those who love relaxation and adventure. It is known for its luxury resorts, first-class golf courses, and magnificent beach beauty. As per this travel blogger’s 3D2N Bintan itinerary it is a great family friendly holiday destination as she has visited with her little son. She says her kid enjoyed their Bintan trip much.

Bintan In recent years, Bintan has become a world-class sports tourism centre, where thousands of people from all over the world participate in a marathon, triathlon, extreme sports and golf competitions. Bintan Resort is home to the world-famous annual triathlon in recent years.

Bintan is a tropical paradise and the melting of cultures and not just a place where you spend your time sitting on the beach.

Bintan Island is less than 2 hours away from Singapore and Jakarta. Relax comfortably in this island and pause that busy city life of yours. The magnificent location has great and avant-garde attractions, beautiful nature and exciting local culture. From hiking adventures to sumptuous banquets, it is the place to discover the best sights on Indonesia’s Island, Bintan.

Things to do in Bintan

Lagoon resort is one stop place for Bintan adventure.

Do you know what beauty is? With a 60-hectare width, this translucent lagoon feels and looks like a crystal bright, incredibly clean and peaceful ocean. Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay is the first human-made seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia. You can spend hours swimming with unicorns. I mean the floaty unicorns and relax on the white sand beach or take part in water sports. Jetovator is a mechanism similar to a jetpack that can fly on the water and is very popular among the many things that people enjoy in Bintan.

If you love to be cultural, then don’t forget to visit the temples around the island.500 Lohan temple is one of the famous temples in Bintan. However, this temple is located mainly in Tanjung Pinang area. Hire a taxi to reach the 500 Lohan Temple and see what Indonesia has to offer. It is a Buddhist temple and you will find 500 statues of Lohans there. Compared to the Johor Bahru Old Chinese temple and other Chinese temples such as Bright Hill temple in Singapore, this 500 Lohan Temple is unique from its architecture and exterior view. However, all these temples show the styles of traditional Chinese temples.

Guan Yin Temple is another beautiful Buddhist temple in Bintan which you must visit during your stay. The huge statues and colourful carvings will sure inspire you. This temple is located in a beautiful spaciousDragonfruit garden which is another beautiful view to admire.

After all, don’t forget the good food Indonesia has to offer. In Bintan you will find unique foods that are specific to the island. With spice blends these are flavourful. Seafood is available for all seafood lovers.

Among all these activities and attractions, hope you will have a memorable stay in Bintan. You can do shopping till you drop if you love such activities. Ramayana Mall and Tanjung Pinang city centre are the most popular shopping malls there.