For years, Colombo has been the food capital and the most diverse city in Sri Lanka.  From those who only eat the plant to meat-eaters, you will have a plethora of food options in this city.

All types of food

Street foods, gourmet eats, traditional Sri Lankan foods, short eats, immigrant foods, and vegan and vegetarian foods; with the Colombo food tour, you will be able to experience all the options for food that is as diverse as Colombo is itself.

Crash course

The Colombo food tour is referred to as a crash course for you in order to learn all about the Sri Lankan cuisine, culture as well as history.  They allow you to learn how Colombo was built culturally in its 1500-year history and how it appreciated the diverse trading network from east to west and being a part of the economic part of the silk route while having foods that are mouth-watering.

Popular around the globe

Sri Lankan foods have become popular around the globe with a blending of rich flavors, fiery spices, creamy curries, together with unique textures.  These delicious dishes of Sri Lankan cuisine provide this country’s visitors with exotic eating experiences.  Here the tour guides will help you explore Sri Lankan cuisine in the country’s bustling capital of Colombo.

Evening food tour

With the Colombo food tour, you will not just experience delicious foods, but also Colombo’s city-centric cultural practices, rituals, beliefs as well as social relations.  It is busy during the daytime, but it wears its best clothes soon before the sunset.  With the evening Colombo food tour, you will enjoy Colombo from a completely different new viewpoint.  These evening and night tours include the delicious foods, most characteristic places together with the cultural elements that open a window for you to discover this wonderful island in an entirely different way.

Last place to stop

One of the last places this tour will take you is probably the most momentous destination of the whole Colombo food tour.  This is Galle Face Green and is a place where you can try lots of Asian and Sri Lankan foods including prawns, Kottu Fried Rice, and roti and masala wade with many other mouth-watering dishes.  This is the end of a food tour that you will long remember and never forget.