If you are going on a road trip with the entire family, you probably are not concerned about eating healthily. Just look at our population, the highest rate of obesity in the world. Part of this is because the kids all want fast food. So, it is easy to put on some pounds especially if you are not getting any exercise.

Healthy trip

To go on a healthy road trip, the main concern is you might not know where the healthy places are to eat. Here are some tips to stay healthy on a road trip:

  • Plan ahead – prepare healthy eating when getting ready for your trip;
  • Do not make pit stops for unhealthy snacks or meals;
  • Stop in a park and do some exercise – go for a hike;
  • Stay well hydrated – water not soft drinks;
  • Limit any caffeinated beverages to only one each day.

Most options available on a road trip tend to be limited to:

  • Fast-food restaurants;
  • Gas station snacks;
  • Continental breakfast at the hotel.

It is much easier to grab a packaged snack that is healthy to eat while on the go and find local restaurants to eat at rather that fast-food places

Eat smart

Having a healthy diet is probably the most common habit that goes out the window when on a road trip. But some preparation can help while driving down the road. On a 2 to 3-hour drive, it is easy to make and pack healthy snacks. When being on the road between meals, these healthy snacks on hand can help you fight any temptation to stop at a fast-food place. This mean stuff such as:

  • Homemade granola bars;
  • Healthy trail mix;
  • Everyone’s favorite fruit.


Have a small cooler with some ice packs and you can extend these snack options to include:

  • Yogurt;
  • String cheese;
  • Veggies;
  • Hummus.

And by packing these snacks in individual bags can also help regulate the serving size.

Yes, it is possible to have a healthy road trip when on the way to grandma’s house. When you arrive, you will probably get a good and healthy homecooked meal – grandmas are like that, you know.