One of the safest and more beautiful travel destinations in the world are the Galapagos Islands. People ask if there is any danger going there when the truth is that danger only happens when tourists try to break rules that are in place for their health and safety. Other than that, it is very safe to visit with much unique and special wildlife found in these islands. There are over 400 species of fish and wildlife.

Altamar Yacht

Currently, the Galapagos Islands are ready to receive passengers again and the benefits of the sightseeing in this natural place of beauty are open for all to enjoy. You can also take a very private tour on boardAltamar Yacht that have taken some measures following three main principles: Health and safety, Physical Distancing and Sustainability.

You can learn more by going on Instagram: @galapagosaltamar

Day tours

The Altamar Yacht is an “Ocean Yachts Super Sport 55” that provides daily tours in Galapagos. This yacht takes up to 16 persons every day and you are able to choose how many days you want. Services include lunch and snacks, social areas as well as 2 cabins just in case you need to relax during the trip. There are also outside areas both on the top and at the aft of this yacht.

Visiting Sites

All our visiting sites are part of well-preserved sanctuary destinations that comply or exceed with the recommended distancing norms and standards.

  • Our visiting sites are part of remote sanctuary destination
  • Operate with small tour groups
  • Avoid overcrowded destinations

When to visit

Any time is a great time to visit. There are two markedly different seasons: a hot season, which sees warmer, humid weather from December through May, and a dry season, which is slightly cooler and extends from June through November. On Land, the best time to see wildlife is arguably during the hot season. For instance, it is during this time that you might be lucky enough marine and land iguanas at their most colorful or Galapagos giant tortoise eggs hatching. At Sea, the dry season brings with it a significant increase in marine activity. Waters tend to be cooler but, birds tend to enjoy this time of year, too, as species like the American flamingo can be seen initiating elegant mating rituals.

Different times of the year have different things to see and do. The birds, tortoises and dazzling marine life are always there, waiting for their photos to be taken.

Travel is one of the most enriching activities we can enjoy!