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Category: Adventure


White Water River Rafting In Peru 

Planning a Trip to Peru? Don’t Miss these Hidden Adventures. Think Peru is only good for trekking to Machu Picchu or flying over the Nazca Lines? Think again. When you learn about the amazing whitewater rafting opportunities, you’ll be sure to add some adventure to…


Nelson Adventure Travel 

Settled in the top northwest corner of New Zealand’s south island is the radiant Nelson district. With its mellow atmosphere and plentiful daylight, this tough wild is the perfect area for experience searchers searching for an activity pressed travel involvement. Nelson City, the area’s center…


Characteristic Adventures in Florida 

Aside from amusement parks, there are various characteristic experiences in Florida to investigate from submerged boats, biking, climbing, outdoors, hand floating to angling, parasailing, and farm excursions. Only hitting the shoreline may appear to be somewhat exhausting and in spite of the fact that the…


Experience Travel in Central America 

The new up and coming goal for experience travel in Central America is classified “Atlantida” (Spanish for Atlantis!). With three fundamental center points to look over, Atlantida offers an assortment of experience travel alternatives that will fit into the most experienced voyager’s requests. The three…


Costa Rica Snorkeling 

Well my new most loved side interest here in Costa Rica is swimming and before you state gracious wowsers what an agreeable leisure activity let me include a little shading. Swimming in Costa Rica isn’t just about putting on some veil and blades and glancing…