Unless you are living under a rock, you will know that Cancun has gradually become a reference to enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean, this innovative destination for international tourists, have so many things to offer that for many is overwhelming, that’s why I thought of this short guide not to confuse the new tourist visiting Cancun.

The first thing you need to know is what kind of tourist you are, if you are adventurous, luxurious, festive, ecological, in short, Cancun has a place for each of the travelers who visit Cancun.

Visit The Beaches

The main tourist attraction of Cancun is swimming in the beautiful turquoise beaches, maybe it is not enough and you want to know a little more, we suggest diving, there are several areas of reefs, where you can see a huge amount of fish, reefs, and invertebrates.

And well you can take a walk around the beach, in a sunset, a romantic walk, also sunbathe and enjoy an iced coconut on the shore is among the many things you have to do in Cancun.

Visit Xel-Ha or Xcaret

The well-known theme parks of the Xcaret group in Mexico are very well known in much of the world, and they have so many recreational activities, something I particularly love is Xel-Ha.

Xel-Ha is recognized as the largest natural aquarium in the world because it is located in an area of the Caribbean Sea, where you can appreciate all the marine life on the reefs, snorkel as long as you want.

Xcaret for its part has cenotes and underground rivers really beautiful, in addition to having one of the best shows of the ancient Mayan culture, ruins, animals endemic to the region, what more could you ask?

How to arrive or move around Cancun

It is easy to get to Cancun from the airport, the most advisable is to use the private transportation service, as it is very comfortable, and after the tiredness of your trip, it is extremely easy to take you to your hotel and relax.

To move between Cancun destinations the most important thing will always be the freedom with which you move, driving a car is probably the easiest way to go from Cancun to any destination in the Riviera Maya without overspending.

I recommend that you use Cancun Car Rental by City Car Rental, a company that is extremely reliable, personally gave me good service, and once you have your cars with you and you are free to know the entire Mexican Caribbean.

I’m sure you will enjoy this great destination, always remember to follow common sense and stay away from unknown and lonely places. Always consult the information about the destination you plan to visit to follow an itinerary.