Australia is one of the most remote and wonderful countries in the world. It is home to some amazing, mystical and hard to believe natural wonders. There is nothing which you can’t find in this country. From beaches to wildlife, Australia has got all of it. So, if you are looking for a beautiful place to visit this summer, then visit 7daysabroad to know more about this fascinating land of Australia. These are the places you should definitely visit if you are considering visiting Australia this summer.

Fraser Island

  • It is a very popular wedding destination.
  • You can visit Hervey Bay, which is one of the country’s top destinations for whale watching.
  • Lake McKenzie is a lake whose silica sand is very pure and makes the water of the lake incredibly clear. Being the world’s largest sand island, you can also witness sand dunes.
  • You can sit on the beaches for a long peaceful time and then view the most beautiful sunset ever.
  • This island is famous for its Dingoes. You can also spot dolphins.


  • You can visit Whitsundays on an amazing sailing holiday.
  • It has clear water and colorful marine life.
  • You will definitely love this place if you are a seafood lover.
  • Weather for the whole year in Whitsundays remains amazing.
  • You can even hire a yacht or a Jetski to get around and admire the beauty.
  • You can scuba dive or swim and gain an unforgettable experience.
  • Whitsundays will always remain a friendly and welcoming tourist site.

Kakadu National Park

  • It is the largest national park in Australia.
  • There are 300 different species of birds here.
  • Magnificent waterfalls are one of the main attractions for tourists.
  • You will see diverse wildlife including animals like saltwater crocodiles, dingoes, etc.
  • There is always a lot to explore in Kakadu National Park. You can witness Indigenous art sites that help you learn about the history of its culture.

So, here are some beautiful places which you can visit in Australia. Australia is known for its amazing scenery, and a vacation in this place will surely help you to connect better with nature.